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Global Leather Campaign Hails Terno As Champion


Global Leather Campaign Hails Terno As Champion


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The Leather and Hide Council of America (L&HCA) declared Turn Over, a modern terno of cattle hide and local woven textiles, as the Overall Champion of the 2023 Real Leather, Stay Different Student Design Competition Philippines.

The global campaign was organized in partnership with the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) and the Fashion Accessory Makes of the Philippines (FAMPh). They motivated young creators from across the country to showcase the beauty, durability, and sustainability of leather combined with domestic weaves.

Participants were challenged to conceptualize and create original and innovative apparel, accessories, or footwear with 50 percent genuine leather and 50 percent natural or indigenous fabric or materials.

The entry by 21-year-old Andrei Valera was awarded with the Top Prize. It likewise placed first in the Apparel Category.

Inspired by the idea that humans are bound to time, the young artist reimagined the traditional national dress into a modish jacket.

Made from offcuts of cattle hide as well as inabel binakol, a woven textile from Ilocos Sur, the ensemble features seamless manipulation techniques of twists that resemble the “turning over” of an hourglass.

Valera, an alum of the Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB), explored and utilized the contrast of lightness and darkness to symbolize the measurement of time through day and night.

“The goal is to curate a coat that serves as a time capsule, which lasts a lifetime and is cherished by its potential wearers,” he explained. “It is a quintessential piece that can be passed down through generations.”

“The emphasis on sustainability and designing for longevity sets it apart and contributes to its lasting appeal,” he added. “It champions slow fashion and aligns with the growing awareness for environmentally conscious choices.”

He extended his appreciation to fellow Benildean talents, who rendered their skills for the completion of Turn Over: Marita Hoppe assisted him with the prototype; Ingrid Del Rosario served as the model of the finished product; and Hallvard Cano captured the photos for submission.

The Philippine edition of the 2023 Real Leather, Stay Different Student Design Competition was simultaneously conducted alongside regional contests in China, Italy, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the nations from the African and Nordic regions.

Valera, together with other national winners, will be flown in to Milan, Italy at a future date to present their works on the international scene.