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Find Out Who’s Who In The Inspirational Global Box Office Sensation “YOLO,” In PH Cinemas


Find Out Who’s Who In The Inspirational Global Box Office Sensation “YOLO,” In PH Cinemas


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Get ready to laugh, cry and be inspired by the global box-office sensation YOLO, which starts its regular cinema run in the Philippines on April 17.

YOLO tells the story of Leying (Jia Ling) who has been staying at home for many years, doing nothing in particular. After graduating from college and working for a while, Leying chooses to withdraw from society, closing herself off from social circles, which she believes is the best way to “reconcile” with herself. Then one day, after several twists of fate, she decides to live life in a different way. In cautiously venturing into the outside world, Le Ying meets boxing coach Haokun (played by Lei Jiayin), who just may change her life.

Get to know the characters that bring the highly rated movie to life!

Jia Ling as Leying

From escaping reality to undergoing a brave transformation, Leying finally makes up her mind to reinvent herself and finds a way to love herself in boxing, hoping to “win just once” in life.

Lei Jiayin as Haokun

Haokun is a gym coach who meets Leying by chance. Although he is a dreamer at heart, he is still a realist.

Zhang Xiaofei as Ledan

Leying’s sister, Ledan has a very strong personality. She and Leying seem to be living in two different channels, and she is completely unable to understand Leying’s behavior.

Sha Yi as Old Liang

The gym owner. Although he is a little mercenary, he still has good intentions in his heart, and is finally moved by Leying’s bravery and persistence.

Xu Juncong as BBQ Shop Owner

The boss of the BBQ shop that Leying works in. He has an oily appearance and flirtatious behavior, and he often uses various pretexts to flirt with female employees.

Yang Zi as Doudou

Leying’s cousin. She looks kind and simple, but she has lofty ambitions when it comes to her career.

Li Xueqin as Lili

Leying’s best friend. They used to talk about everything, but Lili hides a secret in her heart, which causes the two to drift apart.

Ma Li as Ma Chunli

TV show personality and psychology professor. She is good at using the fruit-type personality concept to test the personality of guests.

Qiao Shan as Shanzi

Leying’s ex-boyfriend who not only betrays her, but also breaks up with her when she is depressed, disrupting her peaceful life.

Wei Xiang as Wei Dongfeng

A famous poet, writer and scholar living in Europe. He believes that reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles.

YOLO was written and directed by lead star Jia Ling, who became the highest-grossing female director in China in 2021 with her directorial debut film Hi, Mom, which, like YOLO, she also wrote and starred in.

YOLO, distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International, opens in Philippine cinemas on April 17. #YOLOmovie @columbiapicph

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures