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Find A New Hobby With These Fun And Artsy Pastimes That You Can Try!


Find A New Hobby With These Fun And Artsy Pastimes That You Can Try!

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There are times when surfing the net becomes too draining and urges you to find a new hobby.

In case you wonder what things you will spend your free time on, here are some things that you can enjoy even without your gadget!

1. Diamond Painting

This kind of artsy hobby is something that you can buy on the market in sets in which you can follow the designated numbers, which is perfect for beginners.

For diamond paintings, the set will be composed of different colored diamonds, pre-made canvas, and tools for getting and placing the diamond in the ready-made drawing.

Diamond painting became a hit during the pandemic due to some people’s boredom because of the lockdowns in different parts of the world. It also became a well-known hobby after numerous individuals posted satisfying videos of themselves making diamond paintings.

After accomplishing the said piece, this is perfect to hang in your room or to give to a loved one.
Take note, this hobby can require patience and a lot of time, depending on the size and design of your chosen painting.

2. Paint by number

Feeling artistic yet? Well, here’s another canvas-related hobby that is perfect for not-so-artsy people who still want to do some art.

From the name itself, paint by number is composed of oil-based paints along with a canvas that already has an outline of the artwork that you’ve chosen.

It was like a coloring book when you were a kid, but now, you will have paintbrushes and oil paints to do the job!

There are local and international shops that sell personalized paint by number, wherein you can choose your desired photo and have it outlined on the canvas for you to color.

Just like a diamond painting, you can use it as decoration for your room or simply gift it to someone.

3. Paper quilling

Want a more challenging hobby? Then, paper quilling might be right for you!

Paper quilling, or quilling, is an art form that was originally done in ancient Egypt. In order to accomplish this, you only need paper, preferably colored paper to give life to your art, and some glue.

To make paper quilling art, you need to style each of your paper strips by shaping and rolling the paper depending on your chosen design.

For first-timers, you can browse guidelines on the internet to imitate, but if you want to channel your artistic self, you can always do some freestyle!

When doing this hobby, always look out for your fingers because you might get a paper cut!

4. Crochet

Who says that this hobby is only for seniors? Crochet can be fun, despite your age!

With this generation, crochet became in demand because it is perfect for gifts on any occasion. Varieties like keychains and crocheted flowers have made it one of the best gifts of this time.

Crocheting may require patience because, unlike other art hobbies, it does not commonly have pre-made guides for beginners. To learn some tricks, you can always browse the net.

5. Jewelry making

Who would have thought that jewelry does not have to be expensive?

In order to make jewelry, you need to buy a set of beads and strings that will be the foundation of your piece. These beads may have variations of designs such as letters or emojis.

If you want your jewelry to be extra special and personalized, you may add charms to it that would add spice to your work!

Learning how to make jewelry on your own might require some time, but it will surely be worth the hardship knowing that you did it by yourself!

Sometimes, it’s relaxing to take a break from your gadgets and take time to do some new hobbies. With these artistic pieces, you not only achieve calmness but can also discover your hidden talents!

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