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Experience Mindanao With These 5 Cultural Festivals


Experience Mindanao With These 5 Cultural Festivals

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Filipinos are known for celebrating numerous festivities every year, and one of the places in the country that has colorful and fun festivals is Mindanao.

Festivals are attended by both locals and tourists in the said region to gain unique experiences. To give you a gist of these festivals, here are some unique celebrations in Mindanao.

1. Kahimunan Festival

Kahimunan Festival is an annual fiesta in Butuan City to honor and celebrate the Santo Niño and pay homage to the native rituals in Butuan, most of which are related to their beliefs and practices.

Kahimunan is a Manobo term that means ‘to gather,” which also refers to the rituals being performed by the Lumad in Agusan, an indigenous group in the region.

Kahimunan is celebrated every third week of January, and includes an annual street dancing competition, which is one of its main highlights, because of the dancers’ vibrant and colorful costumes.

2. Sibug Sibug Festival

One of Zamboanga’s most celebrated festivities, Sibug Sibug, is held every February to commemorate the province’s founding.

Sibug Sibug lasts a month and includes ethnic-themed street dancing, rituals for good harvest and healing, and other Zamboanga-specific cultural presentations.

With oysters being one of Zamboanga’s major products, this festival is also home to the Talaba Longest Grill.

3. Kaamulan Festival

Kaamulan Festival is a celebration of the culture and tradition of the tribal groups hailing from the Bukidnon region, including the Manobo, Higaonon, and Tigwahanon.

The Kaamulan Festival, which is rich in centuries-old culture, is an excellent way to learn about Philippine indigenous culture.Every ritual and activity in Kaamulan is a proof of Bukidnon culture, which includes a civic parade, a beauty pageant, and other programs about Bukidnon’s history.

Since 1999, Kaamulan Festival has been celebrated from the second half of February until the tenth of March, which is also Bukidnon’s founding anniversary.

4. Kadayawan Festival

From the Mandaya word “madayaw,” meaning “reasured,” the Kadayawan Festival is a thanksgiving feast in Davao City to celebrate a good and bountiful harvest.

Celebrated every third week of August, it is one of the biggest and grandest festivals in the history of Mindanao, considering that it is one of the most anticipated festivals in Davao.

Davaoeños display fruits, vegetables, flowers, rice, or any other offerings in front of their houses as a sign of thanksgiving for a great year.

Dance and parade await everyone who attends Kadayawan, including the iconic Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan parade, which showcases graceful dances and costumes in the streets.

5. Tuna Festival

A pride of General Santos City, tuna has been one of the city’s main exports, earning them the title of “Tuna Capital of the Philippines.”

The Tuna Festival is celebrated every first week of September and turns the city into a tuna-themed extravaganza.

The festival includes floating parades with colorful ocean-themed floats created to represent the GenSan culture. Like any of the best festivals in the Philippines, street dance is also part of the festival.

A fun part of the festival is that visitors, attendees, and tourists who participate in it can get a free taste of grilled tuna, served right up on the streets.

If you are looking for a new experience, then these rich, diverse, and dazzling fiestas will surely embrace your heart for Mindanao culture.

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