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Ex-MUO President Paula Shugart Looks To Sue Anne Jakrajutatip Over Allegations


Ex-MUO President Paula Shugart Looks To Sue Anne Jakrajutatip Over Allegations


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Paula Shugart, the former president of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), is contemplating legal action against Anne Jakrajutatip, a part-owner of the beauty organization, over allegations of financial impropriety.

Shugart, who led the MUO from 1997 until her retirement in November 2023, revealed her intentions to pursue legal recourse after Jakrajutatip made public accusations suggesting Shugart accepted bribes to influence the outcome of Miss Universe competitions.

In a statement posted on her Instagram account on Monday, February 19, Shugart vehemently denied the allegations and condemned what she described as “false and outrageous comments” made by Jakrajutatip.

According to Shugart, Jakrajutatip’s claims not only defame her character but also undermine the integrity of past Miss Universe titleholders by insinuating their victories were illegitimate.

Expressing her determination to defend her reputation and that of the Miss Universe brand, Shugart asserted that legal action against Jakrajutatip is being considered as a means of seeking justice and protecting the organization’s legacy.

“It is imperative for the Miss Universe brand and its legacy that I immediately speak the truth and condemn these words before taking any action in Thai courts,” Shugart stated, adding that she reserves the right to pursue damages.
Closing her statement, Shugart emphasized her reluctance to engage in public controversy but affirmed her commitment to upholding the values of integrity and fairness that define the Miss Universe pageant.

The controversy surrounding the Miss Universe Organization and its ownership by Jakrajutatip first emerged in October 2022. Despite the financial challenges faced by Jakrajutatip’s company, she assured the public of the organization’s continued operation and integrity ahead of the November 2023 Miss Universe coronation event.

As of this writing, Jakrajutatip has yet to comment on the MUO former president’s possible legal actions against her.

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