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EMB-13 Easing Permit Application Via ‘One-Stop Shop’

EMB-13 Easing Permit Application Via ‘One-Stop Shop’


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The Environmental Management Bureau in the Caraga Region (EMB-13) has opened a one-stop shop window at Robinsons Place here to applicants for permits and applications from June 13 to 15.

“This is actually a ‘cliniquing’ to our clients on their queries and concerns and to help them in completing their requirements,” Carlo Dacera, EMB-13 senior environmental management specialist, said in an interview Tuesday.

Queries on the application for Environmental Compliance Certificate, Certificate of Non-Coverage, Permit to Operate, Wastewater Discharge Permit and Hazardous Waste Generator’s Identification are among those being catered during the three-day activity, Dacera said.

Clients with concerns about the Chemical Control Order Registration and Pollution Control Officer Accreditation can also seek help and advice from the activity’s EMB personnel.

Before the one-stop-shop scheme, all applications at the EMB, including the permits, are processed online.

“Through the event, we call on our clients to come here first to help them in their clarifications, queries, and other concerns before processing their permits and applications online,” Dacera said.

“We expect more clients to come here on Wednesday before we close our one-stop-shop,” he added. (PNA)

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