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Disney’s 2021 Christmas Advert ‘The Stepdad’ Evokes Strong Emotions


Disney’s 2021 Christmas Advert ‘The Stepdad’ Evokes Strong Emotions

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Love runs deeper in Disney’s new heartwarming story this Christmas season, “The Stepdad”.

Disney UK YouTube channel that brings updates about all Disney movies and characters, released a new special ad titled The Stepdad on Wednesday, November 3.

This year’s latest ad is a sequel that follows the story of Nicole, the granddaughter from last year’s ad titled ‘From Our Family To Yours’, which is inspired by Filipino Christmas traditions.

Now, Nicole is an all-grown-up woman who has two kids named Max and Ella. Everything will be different, as their new stepdad, Mike moved into their house and will celebrate Christmas together for the first time.

And because the very special book of Max, given by his biological father, showing beautiful animation springing off the pages delighted the new family. They are able to create a bond and deepen their relationship with their stepdad, Mike, all-through-out the holiday season.

The Stepdad’s background music titled “Love Runs Deeper” was performed by Gregory Porter featuring Cherise and written by Austin Zudeck, Justin Thunstrom and Dewain Whitmore.

The magical storytelling of Disney Christmas advert ignites the true spirit of Christmas, which celebrates and gives emphasis on every step-parent who brings joy and unconditional love to their family.

Watch The Stepdad here:


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