Sunday, April 21, 2024

Discovering Today’s Styling Hack, “Sandwich Dressing”


Discovering Today’s Styling Hack, “Sandwich Dressing”


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Ever heard of the sandwich dressing or the sandwich method styling hack? If you’re active at scrolling on TikTok, chances are you’ve stumbled upon this styling hack.

Just like preparing a yummy sandwich snack, this technique is all about layering—not ingredients, but clothing items—to create a visually intriguing outfit.

The key to mastering this technique lies in coordinating two items of the same color or texture, acting as the top and bottom “bread,” and introducing a distinctive piece in the middle, creating a fashion sandwich that catches the eye.

Whether it’s matching your top with your shoes and adding a different-colored bottom or playing with textures to create an engaging contrast. It’s all about having two elements of your outfit, be they color or texture, and spreading a “filling” in the middle.

For instance, match your top and shoe color, then throw in a different-colored pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt as the filling.

Filipino celebrities have been quick to adopt this trend, turning heads on and off the camera. Stars like Kathryn Bernardo, Maine Mendoza, Julia Baretto, and Elisse Joson have been spotted rocking their sandwich method in their Instagram-worthy OOTDs.

This innovative styling hack, embraced by individuals worldwide, has found a special place in our wardrobes today.

So, next time you’re curating your OOTD, take a cue from your favorite celebrities—embrace the sandwich method—and turn heads wherever you go!

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