Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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HA.MÜ Champions Avant-Garde In New Ensembles

Local brand HA.MÜ continuously innovates its fashion pieces by using upcycled garments.

Discover A Suite Of Signature Mia Maison Scents With The New Mini Mia Discovery Sets

Each mood has its unique scent. Mia Maison got you covered with their new Mini Mia Maison Discovery Set containing 6 bottles of home fragrance scents.

Buwan Ng Wika’s Local Paintings With Poems Go Beyond Age, Gender

Buwan ng Wika celebration has become more heartfelt for local artists with the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Japanese City Mayor Shows Off Marikina-Made Shoes

Sakai City Mayor Masahiro Hashimoto proudly displayed his Marikina-made shoes during his visit to the Philippines' shoe capital.

EduCAFÉ: Teacher From Camarines Sur Creates A Coffee Shop-Themed Classroom

A classroom or a cafe? Check out this one-of-a-kind classroom design by a high school teacher.

SONA Eleganza: Striking Fashion Looks Served By Politicians And Celebrities

It is hard to ignore the striking fashion looks donned by politicians and celebrities on the red carpet during President Marcos Jr.'s first SONA.

Live The Ultimate Modeling Experience With SHEIN’s #beSHEINmodels Challenge

Aspiring models can now join the #beSHEINmodels Challenge for the opportunity of a lifetime to kickstart a career in modeling.

K-Pop Dominates Fashion Industry; Idols Become Global Ambassadors

With their immense visuals and perfect physiques, K-pop idols are now dominating the fashion industry.

Angie King Rebrands Victoria Court As Hotel Ava, Makes Changes To Employee Benefits

Angelina Mead King, CEO of Victoria Court Hotels, has said goodbye to Victoria Court and is rebranding her branches in three places, as well as making other changes within the company.

New Airbnb Survey: Hosts In The Philippines Use Income To Cover Rising Costs

Almost half of the hosts surveyed in the Philippines said one of the reasons they host is to earn money to help cover the rising cost of living.