Friday, December 8, 2023
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Star Cinema Unveils Poster For MMFF Entry ‘Rewind’

Star Cinema unveils the official poster for its Metro Manila Film Festival entry, ‘Rewind.’

Director James Shares Storytelling For “Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom promises a visually stunning sequel with new realms, including the icy, inspired Necrus, Antarctica-inspired.

Joaqun Phoenix Shares Titular Character In ‘Napoleon’

Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Unique Genius’ shines in Ridley Scott’s epic film Napoleon, where he brings the iconic French emperor to life like never before.

Patrick Dempsey Plays The Sheriff In A Murder-Plagued Town In Eli Roth’s “Thanksgiving”

McDreamy Patrick Dempsey leads the Thanksgiving horror cast in a thrilling slasher film. Unveil the terror on November 22!

Japanese Medical-Action Drama ‘Tokyo MER: Mobile Emergency Room’ To Premiere In PH

Embark on a life-saving mission in ‘Tokyo MER: Mobile Emergency Room,’ an intense Japanese medical action-drama soon in Philippine cinema.

Dakota Johnson Stars Sony’s First Female-Led Movie “Madame Web”

Dakota Johnson leads Madame Web in the first female-led superhero movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Big-Screen Spectacle “Wonka,” Is “The Perfect Christmas Movie,” Says Director Paul King

Wonka, the enchanting prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, brings magic and mayhem to cinemas on December 6.

Palanca-Awardee-Written Play To Spotlight School-Life Balance, Friendship, Hustle Culture

Embark on a captivating journey with “Bukas Na,” as a group of friends seek self-worth and love in an alcohol-induced dropshipping business.

“Tokyo MER” Adaptation To Open In PH Cinemas This November 22

Experience the heroic journey of “Tokyo MER” from television to the big screen in this thrilling and realistic blockbuster hitting cinemas on November 22!

Director Eli Roth Discloses Great Kill Scene In Horror Movie “Thanksgiving”

Prepare for a Thanksgiving massacre like never before, as Eli Roth’s ‘Thanksgiving’ delivers the ultimate scare and gore.