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Black Rider Unveils Explosive Action And Unforeseen Twists In Upcoming Episodes


Black Rider Unveils Explosive Action And Unforeseen Twists In Upcoming Episodes


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A person consumed by anger is dangerous. Emotions run high as Elias (Ruru Madrid) and Calvin (Jon Lucas) face off against each other once more, and viewers are in for an intense week as Black Rider dishes out more action-packed scenes and the biggest plot twists in the coming days.

Calvin has made a significant hit on Elias’ Achilles heel—the latter’s beloved mother Alma (Rio Locsin). Taking her hostage, Calvin toys with Alma and lures Elias to rush to her rescue, even proudly presenting Black Rider’s mother to Señor Edgardo (Raymond Bagatsing).

An unexpected reunion of past lovers took place. Both Alma and Edgardo were surprised when they saw each other. Alma realized the philanthropic man Elias told her about was no less than his father Edgardo—the man she thought was already dead. Edgardo, on the other hand, discovered that Black Rider, the nemesis of his life and Golden Scorpion, is his own son Elias.

Meanwhile, assassin Teresa (Michelle Dee) gets betrayed by Calvin and his boys, and vows to take revenge against them.

As Elias and Calvin battle it out, who will emerge as the real victor? Will Señor Edgardo reveal the truth to Elias? Will he save Black Rider?

The action heats up further with the arrival of “Paa ng Alakdan”—the fathers of the Golden Scorpion themselves. What fate awaits Black Rider as they take revenge into their hands?

Viewers should also look forward to the special appearances of Paolo Paraiso, DJ Durano, Leandro Baldemor, Lander Vera Perez, and Gerald Madrid in Black Rider.

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