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Big-Hit Anime Film “Spy X Family: Code White” Opens At No. 1 In Japan


Big-Hit Anime Film “Spy X Family: Code White” Opens At No. 1 In Japan


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Japan goes waku-waku~ as Spy x Family: Code White opened at No. 1 in Japan during the 2023 December holiday weekend, and continued its No. 1 streak for three weeks, earning 4.41 billion yen. Get to know the undercover family before the hit movie makes its way to Philippine theaters on March 13.

Spy x Family: Code White follows the Forgers, a family created by two undercover spies, Loid and Yor, who lead double lives that they keep from each other, and from their adopted daughter Anya. However, oblivious to her telepathic powers, Anya knows both their secret lives. As Loid progresses on his mission, Operation Strix, he takes his family on a mission with him under the guise of a fun winter holiday. Anya mistakenly entangles herself in a dangerous series of events that threaten world peace.

Loid Forger, codename Agent Twilight, is an undercover agent who works for the organization WISE. He’s a master of disguise who can blend into any situation with ease. Yor and Anya know him as a kind and caring father who dotes on them, cooking meals for the family. Working during the day as a psychiatrist in Berlint General Hospital, he has the trust of his colleagues and patients due to his excellent work ethic.

Yor Forger is a dangerously skilled assassin, whose method of killing earned her the codename Thorn Princess. Orphaned young, she trained in the art of being an assassin to help provide for herself and her younger brother Yuri. In a stroke of luck, her search to have an alias ended up with an alliance and marriage with Loid. As a wife and mother, Yor is mild-mannered and still learning the skills that it takes to raise a family. Like Loid, she also has a cover job during the day, working as a civil servant at the Berlint City Hall.

Anya Forger is an orphan who was subject to an experiment which gave her telepathic powers. Loid ends up adopting her when he was building his undercover family. She loves her new family, and her secret power ends up helping the spy and the assassin on their missions from time to time. Completing the Forger family is their dog Bond, who was also subject to military experimentation, giving him the power to see the future.

The unlikely family end up in dangerous hilarious situations as they work together in their latest mission in Spy x Family: Code White.

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