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Angie King Rebrands Victoria Court As Hotel Ava, Makes Changes To Employee Benefits

Angie King Rebrands Victoria Court As Hotel Ava, Makes Changes To Employee Benefits


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Angelina Mead King, CEO of Victoria Court Hotels, has said goodbye to Victoria Court and is rebranding her branches in Pasay, Buendia, and Malate to Hotel Ava.

In a post on Instagram and Twitter, the 42-year-old businesswoman, who operates three branches of the family-owned Victoria Court chain of motels, said that the decision to rebrand the properties is to ensure they “move with the flow” and “adapt to the times.”


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“Similar to my transition, change doesn’t happen overnight,” King said in a separate post. The announcement came just in time for the celebration of Pride Month.

Aside from leaving the iconic brand, Hotel Ava also seeks to focus on the well-being of its employees. “The pandemic has made me rethink how I operate my business, treat my employees, and what impact I have to the community,” King said in a post on June 25.

She then announced the following changes within her company: including divulging the basic salary for her employees; benefits of additional paid maternity and paternity leave; reducing work days to just four days for the back office and five days for operations; free meals and coffee for all employees; and healthcare for all regular employees.

Aside from operational adjustments, King is also pushing eco-friendly efforts for her business, such as minimizing the use of single-use plastics, heavily investing in solar panels, installing wall planters, and other sustainable measures to lessen the company’s environmental footprint.

“I hope with these radical changes we are implementing we can serve as an inspiration to other companies to try to rethink how they conduct business so that we truly make a difference on how we treat our environment and our people,” King concluded.

In her past Instagram posts, Angie King shared that in 2013, she ended up coming out as a trans woman to her wife, Joey Mead King, while she was taking care of her father, who had fallen severely ill. “I had to dare to be different to become who I am,” she said.


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“Today, I dare myself to take on a new challenge with my Hotel. We #DareToBeDifferentHere,” she marked.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/angiemeadking/

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