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7 Metro Shops Where You Can Order Minimalist Graduation Cakes

7 Metro Shops Where You Can Order Minimalist Graduation Cakes


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It’s graduation season again, and it’s time to celebrate! Lumpiang Shanghai? Check. Drinks and beers? Check. Grad cake? How about a minimalist one? If you’re looking for one, then this article has got you covered!

Minimalist or Korean-style cakes have been famous lately for their IG-worthy aesthetics. These simple designs often feature pastel colors, gradient icing, or muted tones, with short texts and minimal accents such as flowers and pearls.

What’s also pleasing about these minimalist—also called bento—cakes is that they come in small sizes and personalized designs made to suit each customer’s preferences!

With the rise of online graduation ceremonies, you’d want a simple cake you can easily pick up to get a perfect selfie. Want an aesthetic cake as part of your graduation celebration?

Then here’s a list of cake shops and bakeries around the metro for you!

1. Aegyo Cakes

Did you know aegyo means “cute” in Korean? Design your own minimalist cake or select from their premade signature designs that match your style with Aegyo Cakes!

For their size options, they have 6-inch cakes starting at PHP 1,200 and 4-inch lunchbox cakes starting at PHP 450. You can also choose between their two flavors, dark chocolate bonbon and rainbow velvet with cream cheese.

They also give you a free sparkling candle and an aegyo postcard if you get their signature aegyo cake. You can also ask for add-ons such as Fujifilm Instax with a stainless photo holder for PHP 150.

To place an order, visit

2. Kai Bakes

For an online cake shop that only started this pandemic, Kai Bakes surely has already got many options. From Monet paintings to Lucky Me Pancit Canton designs, they can achieve any peg you want.

For their cake flavors, you can choose from carrot (with or without walnuts), cookies & cream, citrus, dark chocolate, and coconut, for an additional PHP 100 for the last two options.

They also use Swiss meringue buttercream and/or American buttercream for their designs and none of the other mediums.

Aside from their cute bentocakes, which sell for PHP 250, they have 6 by 2.5 inch cakes starting at PHP 800, and 6 by 4 inch cakes at PHP 1,300.

To place an order, visit

3. BAKED by Trimy

Another cakeshop from Quezon City, BAKED by Trimy, offers a lot of minimalist cake varieties as well. For their flavors, you can choose from the classics like caramel, chocolate, mocha, vanilla cream, citrus vanilla, or you can try their premium ones, strawberry & cream and ube.

Aside from the typical circle cakes, they also offer square types and half-cakes, so you better check out their official pages for inspo! The prices start at PHP 800 for their 6-inch series, and PHP 1,200 for their 8-inch series.

To place an order, visit

4. Ms. D’s Carrot Cakes

Looking for a minimalist cake that is not only eye-catching but is also certainly flavorful? Then Ms. D’s Carrot Cake is right for you! Celebrate your graduation with Mom Dina’s crowd-favorite moist carrot cake topped with her special cream cheese frosting. They’re also one of the few shops that offers chocolate-orange flavored cakes.

Starting at PHP 390, you can get a 6-inch loaf with a minimalist design and dedication. For their round cakes, you can have them customized for PHP 600 for the 6-inch and PHP 950 for the 8-inch.

On a side note, they don’t make drawings or illustrations of the sort but offer varieties of cute toppers and pastel colors!

To place an order, visit

5. Wadough’s

Every occasion deserves a proper cake, and you can never go wrong with Wadough’s. They cater to any occasion, including weddings, and offer different kinds of desserts, but you can focus on their unique Korean-styled ones.

For the price list, they have a detailed way of classifying their customized ones from Class A at PHP 1,800 to Class D at PHP 2,100 depending on your preferences and how elaborate the designs are. All their original minimalist cakes are 8 by 3.5 inches, filled with their signature Davao tablea ganache, and have 3 layers of flavors, including chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla.

You can also opt to have it in a single flavor and try their premium strawberry flavored with cream cheese or ube flavored filled with macapuno cream cheese for an additional PHP 200.

If you want some bentocakes, they also have customized MINI-malist swirls starting at PHP 550 with the same cake base as their originals.

To place an order, visit

6. sweet myni

If you are a graduate of UP, Miriam, or other university, sweet Myni’s can bring you all kinds of dainty minimalist cakes. With muted earth tones and dried flower accents, you can choose to have your cake design as minimalist, line art, ombre, dainty, character, dainty character, full color only, or full design.

Their prices start at PHP 420 for their 4-inch cakes, PHP 700 for the 5-inch, and PHP 1,250 for the 7-inch ones.

For their flavors, you can choose from the following: vanilla with dark chocolate ganache; red velvet with cream cheese filling; tiramisu with cream cheese filling; and chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and caramel custard.

To place an order, visit

7. Katt’s Cakeshop

If you’re looking for a cake shop offering minimalist cakes in Cavite, then this one’s got your back. Katt’s Cakeshop offers custom cakes and desserts that look so professionally made with their vibrant and smooth icing techniques.

Starting at PHP 750, you can get their 7 by 2.5-inch minimalist cake in Moist Chocolate or Very Vanilla flavor frosted with soft icing (whipped cream) with dedication and edible pearls. They also have bento cakes, which start at PHP 300. The price will vary according to your other preferences and add-ons.

To place an order, visit

What do you think? Have you chosen a design you like? Visit these cake shops now and get minimalist graduation cakes for you or your friends!

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