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6 Versatile Flowers To Give Your Loved Ones On Graduation Day

6 Versatile Flowers To Give Your Loved Ones On Graduation Day


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Flowers bring life and color to any celebration. It’s present in important parts of our lives that we celebrate, like debuts, weddings, baptisms, and graduation. Fresh flowers are a sweet gesture that shows your love.

Nothing screams fondness and love more than flowers on graduation day. You are giving something as eye-catching as a bouquet that shows how proud you are of their accomplishments.

However, simply giving any flower won’t cut it. Different flowers of various colors have different meanings. Don’t just enter a flower shop and buy whatever is there; put a little more thought and intention into your special gift is what will make a difference.

You can also get creative with gifting your blooms. You can do different things with flowers, like a corsage, a classic bouquet, or even fancy floral gifts. You can have them arranged in a floral shop or have your way with it if you’re confident and want to put in more effort.

Whether it’s a lover, a family member, or a friend, you can never go wrong with flowers as a classic graduation gift. Here are some of the best flowers to give to your special one on graduation day:

1. Roses

You can never go wrong by sticking to the classic—roses. The rose symbolizes love, romance, and passion. It can cover a range of meanings, so it’s important to know what roses to send.

Usually, you would go with the famous red roses, but these rose colors stand for love and romance, so sending them to your significant others like your spouse or romantic interest is better.

If the roses are for your friends or your kids, colors like yellow, pink, peach, orange, and white are your options. Send some yellow roses to your friend’s graduation; it represents joy, friendship, and a fresh start. Pink and peach roses are for admiration and appreciation, while orange roses scream eagerness and enthusiasm. White roses, which often stand for purity, are also an excellent congratulatory floral gift that symbolizes a new start or the opening of a new journey.

2. Peonies

This flower is often present on joyous, celebratory occasions like baby showers and weddings. Peonies are flowers that bloom beautifully during springtime and are known to symbolize prosperity and honor. It can also stand for a peaceful and joyous life.

A lush bouquet of peonies could communicate that you admire the graduate’s achievement. Different colors of peonies could also convey different meanings.

Yellow peonies are for good fortune and a fresh start. A red peony is usually more romantic, while a pink peony could symbolize honor and wealth. While colors may serve some meaning, some decide the color of peonies based on the graduation attire of the receiver because peonies are known as decorations that add a touch to wherever they’re placed.

3. Carnations

Carnations are versatile flowers that can be added to bouquets or worn as a garland. Carnations may be transformed into corsages worn on wrists or pinned on clothes. The meaning behind giving carnations to a graduate depends on the color of the flower.

Red carnations often offer the meaning of admiration and affection, usually for your significant other. Pink carnations are perfect for your peers as they communicate that you’ll never forget them. However, pink carnations can also mean a mother’s undying love. Meanwhile, white carnations represent pure love and good fortune.

If you’re testing your creativity and would love to create another color, carnation is your friend. This bloom’s petals can easily be dyed to match your desired color. You can totally get that violet carnation if you want.

4. Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is an attention-grabbing flower, representing luck, optimism, joy, and rebirth. Giving chrysanthemums to a graduate means you’re cheering for their success and happiness as they start a new chapter in life.

Your graduating lover will love these red chrysanthemums. The yellow ones are known to represent feelings of joy and celebration, while the orange blooms stand for happiness and enthusiasm. Go for green if you want to wish them good fortune and renewal in life, or white for added symbolism of truth.

5. Hydrangeas

This aesthetic, soft, ball-like bloom comes in soothing shades of purple, blue, pink, green, and white. These stunning flowers indicate sincerity, gratitude, and understanding.

Pink hydrangeas are linked with genuine emotions, while blue is for heartfelt gratitude. The green ones represent renewal and rebirth. However, purple hydrangeas for graduation are extra special as they symbolize deep understanding. Sending purple hydrangeas to your loved ones means that you understand and acknowledge the graduates’ hard work and knowledge of the degree they worked hard for.

6. Dahlia

Another versatile bloom, dahlias are available in various colors and sizes. Dahlias can also last a long time, even though they have been cut for floral gifts.

Dahlias are ideal graduation flowers because of their special meaning, which stands for commitment, inner strength, grace, and the ability to set themselves apart. This flower is an excellent choice to celebrate someone’s hard work and dedication to finishing and graduating.

If you pick red dahlias, you emphasize your inner strength, power, and achievement of life milestones. The white dahlias symbolize focus, while the purple ones are for admiration and respect. Opt for blue and green dahlias if you want to communicate a fresh start and a new life chapter.

You can never go wrong with flowers as a classic graduation gift for your special someone, whether it’s your lover, friend, or family member. Flowers will always convey love and comfort, regardless of color, shape, or size. The most important thing is to let your loved ones know that you appreciate them and acknowledge their hard work. Their rank or how many medals and awards they receive doesn’t matter. Let them feel that they are unique and that you wish the best for their next chapter in life.

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