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5 Women’s Insecurities And How To Overcome Them Slowly

5 Women’s Insecurities And How To Overcome Them Slowly


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Ever since the beginning of time, society has dictated and set standards for women. From the films we have watched to the stories we have read, many things build up the perfect image of a woman.

In this era wherein social media is prevailing, it is a constant pressure for us women to keep up and paint a “perfect image” of being a woman. This has been causing women to feel insecure and lacking in most aspects of their lives, including relationships and careers.

This has also affected whatever we do in our lives and how we also view ourselves.

But it is a beautiful thing to keep in mind and remind ourselves of how we can slowly overcome our insecurities and embrace the true beauty within us women.

1. Accepting your body image

These perfectly shaped bodies with awe-striking poses are always plastered upfront in magazines. Advertisements have always shown glass and radiant skin and looked down on skin issues.

These matters have always felt like our body image is supposed to be perfect and pleasing, as if our skin and body issues aren’t normal.

Having skin problems like acne, stretch marks, uneven underarm tones and texture, and even gaining weight are only a few of the major insecurities women face.

But it should always remind every woman that having acne is entirely normal, and almost every woman gets it at least once in their life. Having breakouts is also caused by our hormones, especially during puberty and the monthly period.

The same goes with stretch marks and textured underarms. Having stretch marks and uneven underarm skin tone has hindered many women from confidently flaunting their bodies in bikinis and other loose clothing.

Similar to acne, textured underarms and stretch marks are normal. The perfect and flawless underarms that you have seen in advertisements do not even exist in real life.

Although they are not perfect, our body parts are still parts of us. These body parts have served a great purpose in our lives.

We can slowly overcome our issues with body image by accepting that they are normal and everyone is experiencing such problems. Even the celebrities we look up to don’t have the perfect body and skin.

2. Aging gracefully

Some people view growing old as something negative. There is also the fear that losing youthful beauty comes with age, but it’s always a matter of shifting your perspective. Everyone ages, but not all have the same mindset that aging must be done gracefully. It is always a woman’s fear to grow old, as it may only let society reduce her and look down on her.

But keep in mind that aging is never a bad thing. Aging allows you to gain lots of wisdom that will shape you into the wonderful woman you can be.

3. Knowing your capabilities in your career

During the early times, society viewed women as having limited roles, but thanks to the ever-changing times, women have stepped up to be game-changers in various fields.

Some women may have insecurities about their capabilities in their careers due to society’s setting standards that men can do better or are more intelligent than women. Some may have insecurities about their abilities because they don’t have enough resources or believe they lack intellectual capacity.

You can slowly overcome this by reminding yourself never to let anyone look down on you because a woman can’t simply do things. However, many women have changed our history. Some women stepped up and that allowed women of today to experience equal opportunities with men in voting, education, and labor.

As a woman, you can thrive as long as you set your mind to achieving bigger and greater things for yourself. Remember that a woman is always meant to have and do so much more in her life.

4. Knowing your worth in a relationship

Another major insecurity that most women experience is how their respective (or potential) partners view them.

Questions such as “Will I be beautiful enough for him?” and “Will my efforts be able to keep him happy?” are a lot of questions that may be constantly asked and running in a woman’s mind.

However, as a woman, you must never forget that you deserve to be treated like a queen and well taken care of. You must constantly remind yourself of your worth and set your standards for seeking and establishing relationships.

Not being in a relationship is also an insecurity for some women. It may feel like you are alone and lonely, but remember that it is still better than staying with someone who won’t recognize and appreciate your beauty, intellect, and whole being.

5. Lifting your self-esteem by loving yourself

Lacking confidence is also one of the major insecurities that women have, but this is due to some problems such as age, body image, and such.

It is also a struggle and an insecurity for some women not to know how to love themselves properly.

It may not be easy to do, but we can gradually overcome these matters if we look around and see that our fellow women are doing their own thing.

Let us never mind what other people say and do whatever we want.

Feel free and be happy to wear that swimsuit because having an hourglass figure is not required. Work hard and get that bag you’ve been eyeing at the mall. You’re not being too much by asking for consistency in a relationship. After all, you deserve to be happy with your life.

There may still be a lot of insecurities and problems that women face, but at the end of the day, let us be reminded that we can slowly overcome these insecurities and embrace ourselves so that we, as women, can shine and radiate in our ways.

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