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5 Questions For The Anxious Mind

5 Questions For The Anxious Mind


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Anxiety is the feeling of unease, worry, or nervousness in anticipation of a future event or an uncertain outcome that we cannot handle. While it is a challenging internal battle, calming our anxious minds is possible.

Northeast Ohio Medical University Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dimitrios Tsatiris, M.D., a prolific published writer, mental health advocate and practicing board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety management, advised that identifying unease-provoking thought patterns is an essential step to reclaiming inner peace.

The Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB), together with Dr. Tratiris, both passionate about empowering others to break free from worry to reach their fullest potential, promote self-reflection and certain questions may uncover, identify and stop negative thought patterns.

Here are five queries that serve as starting points to better mental health:

1. Why am I anxious?

While it may seem like a simple question, some are unable to name the source of their worries. Identifying the cause is the first step to reducing anxiety levels. Enumerate and write down your different doubts and prioritize those that require immediate attention.

2. What are the odds that my fear will become a reality?

Estimate the probability that your worries will turn real. While we always treat them as impending and unavoidable, most actually have low chances of occurring. Understanding these likelihoods can calm our minds.

3. What can I do to lower the chances?

Consider reasonable steps to further lower these worries becoming true. This will help you focus as well as take charge of your sphere of control.

4. Even if the worst-case scenario were to occur, can I handle it?

We have to accept the fact that some situations are unavoidable despite our best intentions to prevent them. While these may be tragic, the odds are you have already overcome worst-case scenarios before. Reflecting on these experiences can guide you as you face present and future challenges. They likewise serve as evidence of your ability to persevere.

5. What is the cost of anxiety?

It is accepted that we often fixate on what can go wrong. But avoidance behavior can affect personal growth. It hinders us from reaching our fullest potential.

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