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11 Healthy Habits To Practice At Home


11 Healthy Habits To Practice At Home


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Even with most of us spending more time at home, there are days where it’s hard to get a full workout in. As taking care of our health is a must, especially in these times, creating healthy habits goes a long way towards improving our overall health.

By understanding how different aspects of health – activity, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness – go together, Fitbit aims to support people through their health and wellness journeys. From their range of devices and software, to the Fitbit mobile app and Fitbit Premium, Fitbit provides personalized guidance and insights for anyone looking to take control of their health.

For days where it’s a little more challenging to break a sweat, check out these simple tips, tricks, and life hacks to up your physical activity and reduce stress while you’re taking care of all the other things you need to get done.

1. Get a standing desk

Sitting too much can be bad for your health. If you find yourself sitting for extended periods of time trying to accomplish work, take a stand by investing in a standing desk. Standing desks offer benefits from burning more calories to reducing the occurrence of back pain, while other studies show a positive impact in on productivity as well .

2. Drink more water

Especially with our climate, keeping hydrated is crucial for our health and well-being. Drinking water throughout the day can encourage more bathroom breaks – giving you more opportunities to move around the house.

3. Walk after a meal

Feeling super full after a good lunch? Take a walk. Even if it’s just around the house, the body movement involved in walking can aid your digestion by stimulating the stomach and intestines – causing food to move more rapidly .

4. Turn cleaning into cardio

Chores won’t be a bore when you can think of them as additions to your fitness routine. Whether you’re vacuuming, sweeping, or wiping down counters, your body is moving. To see how it helps with your health and fitness goals, use a Fitbit to track the steps you take and calories you burn.

5. Move while you cook

If you’re prepping a meal, turn on some tunes to encourage dancing and other movement. For dishes that take some time to cook or bake, try squeezing in a short workout while you wait.

6. Take time to breathe

Aside from improving lung function, breathing exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety. They don’t take up a lot of time and can be done multiple times throughout the day. Try out Fitbit’s guided breathing exercises to help you on your way to a calmer, more mindful you. For more relaxation, mediation and even sleep improvement tips and exercises, access Calm content available on Fitbit Premium.

7. Take a meeting in stride

In for a long work meeting? Take it while you’re on the go. Walk around your house while you’re listening in to add to your steps and burn some more calories.

8. Get your heart rate up during downtime

Watching something on TV or your computer? Make the most out of every commercial break by doing some squats or lunges to raise your heart rate.

9. Be mindful of stressful situations

When you feel like you’re getting stressed out, it’s better to acknowledge it and take actions to manage it better. The Fitbit Charge 5 detects tiny electrical changes called Electrodermal Activity (EDA) on your skin to help measure your body’s response to stress, helping you create mindfulness practices and improve well-being.

10. Stay alert

Set up an alarm to remind you to take a couple of minutes of every hour to take a little movement break. With Fitbit, you can program reminders to move, helping you along your daily activity goals.

11. Get enough sleep

Good days begin after getting a good night’s sleep. Use Fitbit’s Sleep Stages feature to see how much light and deep sleep you get and discover tips on the Fitbit app to see how you can improve your sleep quality.

In celebration of 11.11, Fitbit is offering irresistible deals and promotions on some of its popular smartwatches, fitness trackers and accessories from now until November 11 to encourage everyone to take care of their health and wellbeing. Enjoy up to PHP 1800 off on selected Fitbit products including the Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Charge 4 when you shop at

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