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Leggings have been around for centuries, from the aerobic days of our mothers who rocked neon stirrups to the questionable jeggings, the legging trend has had its own resurrections. It looks like however, that leggings are here to stay for 2017. But we wonder, is that a good thing? Thanks to Zara’s new City Lights Collection, their so-called new collection has been dubbed as “ugly” by the internet fashion crazed phenomena. Whether these new leggings are a pass or not, we’ll just leave it for the people to decide. Here are the list of the new City Lights Collection leggings from Zara:

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1. Retro Green Pant-Leggings

First on the list is the green colored leggings with a front opening at the hem. It also has a side zip to easily wear the leggings. What’s surprising is the way it was styled by Zara. It’s safe to say that it’s the most subtle out of the bunch.

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