This 2017, food has become so ridiculously experimental it’s almost criminal. Sushi donuts, ice cream tacos, and obscenely large churros, you name it, someone’s already done it. But just when we thought we’ve seen it all, a new food fad sprouts right up from yet another obscure hole-in-the-wall. Case in point: Cotton Candy Burritos.

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The cotton candy burrito is a (we dare say) one-of-kind desert that incorporates the fluffiness of cotton candy and the decadence of the ice cream. The flattened cotton candy acts as the “tortilla” and the multi-flavored ice cream scoops are the “meat”, so to speak.

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Cotton candy burritos have become so hyped and well-loved that people have even tried their hands on replicating it from scratch!

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Although cotton candy burritos taste and feel nothing like the real Mexican deal, the concoction offers a sweet and outrageously fun play on textures and flavors. Be wary though because it can get really sweet.


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