It’s often said that traveling isn’t just about where you go, it’s who you go with.

Whether you’re exploring a new city or seeking the open road, you’ll want to be with people ready to dive headfirst into adventure with you—something Jericho Rosales and Arci Munoz know a thing or two about. Having been to places across the country and all over the world, here’s exactly why the Wrangler True Wanderer ambassadors are the kind of travel buddies you’d want to bring along.


They’re always up for a spontaneous trip. The two stars constantly have a lot to juggle, leaving them with hectic schedules that are prone to change. However, once they find that window to go on a last-minute vacation, you can be sure they’re ready and willing to set off for an adventurous hike or a fun day at the beach ASAP.

They know exactly what to pack. Jericho is known for being the token kuya in his “Brap Pack” barkada, thanks to his handy, well-stocked kikay kit. Need an emergency wet wipe? Forgot to bring toothpaste? He’s probably got some in his bag.

Their travel ‘grams always look great. A look at Arci’s Instagram will immediately trigger your wanderlust and make you wish you could get firsthand tips on how to strike a pose. From a laid-back spin on the usual Eiffel Tower tourist shot to a death-defying pose on a mountain peak in Canada, her photos always capture the beauty of where she is and highlight her unique aesthetic.

They’re not afraid of new experiences. These two are proof that you can find adventure in any destination. Jericho, an avid biker and surfer, has taken on off-beat roads and coasts all over the Philippines, while Arci has explored the beauty of some of the world’s greatest cities, including Rome and Tokyo.

They know what they need to keep exploring. Nothing bogs down a free spirit like uncomfortable travel wear, so both Jericho and Arci pack a pair of Wrangler Inficool jeans to make sure they stay sweat-free and comfortable on any trip, thanks to its moisture-absorbent design.

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