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TV actress, Solenn Heussaff published a piece on her blog, addressing how “Tumaba ka” has become society’s form of greeting. In her post, she stated that she, too has been a victim of this culture and that she has done this type of practice.

“What is it with people nowadays body shaming others, especially those they haven’t seen in a while, instead of simply asking how they’ve been? Maybe this happened because of social media, where we portray ourselves to be #goals all the time. Whatever the cause, people now have forgotten that health is more important than size and that meaningful conversations are so much helpful than unsolicited criticism. We have forgotten to be human”

Heussaff talks about how important it is to love and accept ourselves for who we are by taking care of ourselves inside and out. She also reiterated that being active and working out is supposed to strengthen our bodies and the fit physique or the #bodygoals is just a follow up result. More importantly, she emphasized on how it’s more important that we accept and support one another regardless of physical appearances, because everybody is unique and there can be no duplicates of any individual.

Her encouraging post got us like:

See Solenn’s full blog post here.

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