Let’s be honest, diet fads can be crazy. You have to have a certain “Diet” menu, you’re obligated to go spinning, cross-fit training or intensive yoga. Trying to shed some pounds in this diet-fad run world may be the most torturous thing that the physical body and mental capacity can undergo. But the question is, why are some of the diet fads effective? Obviously, cutting down on all types of food that will give you either any protein or any carbohydrates, matched with intensive workouts will do something to your body.

But here’s where rational fitness will come in the picture and make you think. Sure, let’s assume that diet fads will help you shed pounds and cut down calories, but is it helping you lose it the RIGHT way, more importantly, are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Because according to rational fitness, the two are different things.

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Here’s a simpler way to compare diet fads + intensive workouts over rational fitness; When you really want a piece of cake, but can’t “cheat” on your diet, you workout intensively so you can tell yourself that you deserve the piece of cake. The end result is you worked out not for the intention of catching up on your fitness training, you worked out to mentally justify that you can consume an unhealthy snack. That’s irrational fitness. Irrational fitness is basically you being heavily invested in a system of calorie counting, weight measurements and other rules, but forgetting all about health.

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Rational fitness, is basically exercising minus the crazy mentality of having to keep count of the kilometers walked or the number of hours worked out in the week. Rational fitness advises to just stop the whole calorie-counting business and get rid of the famous, “How many calories is this?” line of Regina George. Because even fitness pro Cadence Dubus says that “calories are just a unit of energy”. Rational fitness also reminds you to workout smartly, meaning don’t try to break your body by forcing yourself with 20 pushups when you’re about to cry at 10. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not about slacking, you can definitely still push your body and challenge it. But when you need rest, GET REST. Over-exercise can also be self-abuse to your body. Another thought to keep in mind? Just because you’re in the gym doesn’t mean you’re healthy, an active lifestyle also contains healthy exercises such as a game of volleyball every weekend at the beach with the gang. Lastly, personalize your fitness activities to your body’s needs. Just because some girl in the gym can cross-fit like a maniac and still have time to party doesn’t mean you should too. Listen to what your body needs or even consult a nutritionist and get a trainer. You should customize your fitness activities around your lifestyle.

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When you break it down, rational fitness isn’t a new fad to try, it’s a mentality and lifestyle. It’s not about working out 24/7 and eating nothing but greens because some article on the magazine told you so, it’s about knowing what your body does and doesn’t need. It’s challenging yourself to train, workout, get some exercise, be more active without being too constricted on how many hours you’ve spent in the gym or how many calories you’ve eaten this week. Basically, be rational about getting fit. Don’t follow everything you read online. Have a happy rational workout!

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