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Why Families Still Love Living In The City

Gone are the days when city living is only associated with the active singles, youngters and hectic executives. Today, families have been reversing the suburb exodus trend by turning their attention back to the city.


Ask why? Picture your own space in the urban centre — where satisfying your cravings for your favourite Chinese dish  is only a block away, where rush hour doesn’t really matter because your office is just across the street, where shopping need not happen on weekends only and where you can walk your daughter to her school.

Explore why city dwelling is the new old trend families are looking into.

  1. More time spent with loved ones

Imagine a plain sailing commute from work or school to regularly grab dinner together. When topics are discussed over meals at home,  whether important or trivial, families are able to bond, and connect each other.

Children tend to open up to their parents more, while mom and dad are able to share news of the day, giving extra attention to their kids. Overall, family meals brought about by the proximity of residential and office spaces, send a sense of belonging to all.

  1. Embracing the happiness in a gated community

Studies  conducted by Health.com revealed that families who stayed at home and participated more often in familiar activities were actually happier than those who’d venture out.

According to Dr. Karen K. Melton, assistant professor of child and family studies, “The best predictor of happiness for families may be spending quality time together in familiar activities inside the home.”

So when choosing a home, especially when you live in a residential condominium, one should take a deep look into the various kinds of amenities available. Expectant moms need wide green spaces or manicured garden to walk around, children would definitely enjoy a playground, while other family members would appreciate a sound mind and body from the fitness area.

  1. A package of big benefits

The primary reason why young families envision a condo as their dream home is because of its location, especially in a township setting.

Living in a condominium in a township means having an easy access to shopping malls, groceries, restaurants, playgrounds, schools, workplace, and even churches. Think of the amount of money  and effort you can save from these daily trips.

Aside from short to nonexistent commute, residents are also assured of their security. If safety is a concern for the family, condo living is a major perk. In case of an emergency, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for help. Furthermore, by living in a city condo, you’ll have more time doing your work and taking care of your family because other people will do the maintenance for you.

Welcome to the township life!

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