It’s utterly impressive to know that a Filipina becomes a US-based university president. But here’s the thing, she can also speak in six different languages! Meet Utah Valley University’s first full-time female president, Astrid Tuminez, PhD.

Astrid’s introductory video was posted in the official Facebook page of UVU on September 17. In a span of two minutes, she flawlessly used six languages to give a background on herself and welcomed the students, which garnered huge attention on the internet.

How awesome is that? No wonder the video got 328,000 views in just a week!

Astrid started off the video by introducing herself in Spanish and later on shifted to English.

Welcome from President Tuminez

First Day: President Tuminez officially starts today and welcomes students and the world to our campus in six languages. Follow UVU President on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (keyword = UVU president).

Posted by UVU on Monday, September 17, 2018

Recalling her past in the Philippines, she used her native tongue, Ilonggo & Tagalog.

Hailing from Iloilo City, this university president shared that her family used to live in the squatters’ area. Even though they had no means of attending school, some generous Catholic nuns invited her and her siblings to study for free at Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus.

Posted by UVU on Friday, April 20, 2018

Having no allowance to spend during break time, Astrid said she instead frequented the library and read many books, which greatly improved her capabilities.

She then advised students to study well and read books, since these are the things that will help them achieve their dreams.

Using Russian language, she recounted her educational and professional attainments. Astrid went to Brigham Young University to study Russian literature and Russian language and went to Harvard University to study Sovietology.

Posted by UVU on Friday, April 20, 2018

She finished her Doctorate degree at MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Astrid also recalled the countries she worked in— U.S., Soviet Union, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines.

At the last part, Astrid proclaimed her love for French food and poetry using the very expressive French language, and then welcomed the students at UVU.

What an empowering feat for Filipino women! Mabuhay, President Astrid!