Just when we thought that the fur hype has simmered down, PUMA comes lunging at us with brand-spankin-new drool-worthy furry merch.

Enter the PUMA Fur Pouch. This 8″ x 11″ purse is ideal for keeping a true-blue fashionista’s trinkets—from lipgloss, pressed power, to even your keys and phone—in mint condition.

But for all of you who wish for a more spacious tote to lug your stuff around, fret not because the PUMA Fur Backpack will surely give you the bang for your buck.

The pouch and the backpack are available in three colorways: Puma Black, Quiet Shade, and Scallop Shell (which is basically just a fancier moniker for millennial pink).

The PUMA Fur Backpack and Pouch in Puma Black
The PUMA Fur Backpack and Pouch in Quiet Shade

PHOTO CREDIT: eu.puma.com

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