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Finally, our childhood dreams of being a mermaid can finally become a reality thanks to Mermaid Island Café in Ek Charoen, Thailand. The blue and pink colored café has everything that goes under the sea which definitely brings out the inner mermaid in everyone.

Munch on shimmery treats such as cupcakes topped with mermaid tails, blue and pink waffles, macaroons stuffed with pearl-inspired cream and many more. Also, drool-worthy drinks are served to cap the whole magical experience.

Everyone can wear plush mermaid tails and feel like real ones while laying at the Mermaid-inspired chairs and tables which are located in every corner.

Apparently, the other highlights of Mermaid Island Café are not from under the sea. These are cute and mermaid-loving dogs that are out to play and snuggle with diners. So who’s up for a mermaid party?

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Here are more photos from Mermaid Island Café:

Photo Credit: Instagram: @mermaidislandcafe

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