Sometimes, in order to make themselves feel better, some people prefer to unwind in a spa or opt for shopping therapy, but why not try to help others to uplift your mood? There are numerous ways one could volunteer and lend a helping hand within the metro alone. We’ve listed down five organizations that could use some help and volunteerism.

1. World Vision Philippines

World Vision has been popularly promoted by celebrities like Sam Concepcion and Jodi Sta. Maria. World Vision is a children’s charity that has been functioning for over 50 years. Their goal is to help out children in poverty in both the urban and rural areas to show God’s unconditional love. They have numerous programs for volunteerism, an option would be their events volunteerism wherein they have a lineup of concerts, sports activities and and conferences you may help out with. Aside from this, World Vision also has a 12 Hour Famine program that allows you to simply donate any desired amount to help out a child.