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We’ve seen many controversial clothing items throughout the years, some are considered innovative while others just make us ask, “WHY?”. But despite the continuous and limitless experimentation when it comes to clothing, Topshop seems to have taken the cake for the first half of 2017. They have invented, plastic jeans. That’s right, a whole pair of pants made entirely out of plastic. The “trend” began fairly and literally small too, Topshop previously released a pair of jeans with plastic cutouts. But recently, they took it to another level by making plastic pants.

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Topshop has been selling the pants in selected countries, in the UK, it retails for £55 while it retails for USD$100 in the U.S.

Many have been curious as to how to style the plastic pants, seeing that it’s completely see-through, one has to wear to proper undies to leave the house. It’s no surprise that fashion bloggers and vloggers have taken the challenge of styling the pants. Which garnered mixed reactions from the crowd. Some opted to wear fishnet stockings or leggings underneath, while the few other brave souls decided to bare it all (with undergarments of course).

But Twitter-universe wasn’t so ecstatic about the excessively sheer pants.

But hey, who knows? Maybe come rainy season, the plastic pants could be a hit!

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