Another year has arrived yet people still can’t seem to get enough of the New year, New me trend!

However, despite of all the things that we want to leave behind in the past year, our favorite TV shows are certainly not one of them! Which means that we are not just looking forward to all the changes that this new year has to offer, but also to the comebacks of some of our favorite TV Series.

From Westeros, to the Upside Down – here are some of your favorite series that we all can’t wait to go back on air.

1. The Punisher Season 2

First up is one of our favorite defender, The Punisher, or also known as Frank Castle. It has been a while since we heard from him since the series started last January 2016, but at last! After waiting for almost three years, Frank is set to come back this January.

Everyone can’t seem to wait for the second season. Will Frank continue living his quiet life on the road as seen in the last episode of Season 1? Or will he embrace his identity and go back to being the Punisher after being drawn to a murder mystery? Watch out for it on Netflix.

2. American Gods Season 2

The TV adaptation of one of the most famous mythological novel of the renowned author, Neil Gaiman is coming back to screen for its second season!

American Gods has left us hanging with the emerging battle between the two divine factions for quite some time now. Despite of all the drama, production issues and the change of some of the series’ cast, they are now all set to air season 2.

Starz, the premium cable network that handles American Gods has finally given a final release date of March 10, 2019. We have yet to see sneak peeks of the new season.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

The entire twitter world was shaken up after the news that the fifth season of the famous hit TV Series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be its last on Fox but was saved after being picked up by NBC.

After all the drama, the New York City’s 99th precinct is all set to solve crimes, and bring us its classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine humor in its sixth season airing this January 10, 2019.

Everyone missed its diverse cast and can’t wait to know more about the life of Jake and Amy now that they’re finally married, so be sure not to miss it!

4. Stranger Things Season 3

You would definitely stream all day long once the third season of Stranger Things comes back to Netflix this July! In addition to all the original cast that is set to return, new characters are also expected to appear in the brand new episodes.

An official trailer hasn’t been released yet however, the creators of Stranger Things posted an advertising video in the official twitter account of Stranger Things. Though it doesn’t give us enough clues about the plot, the fans are still happy to be able to see Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) along with a new character Robin to be played by Maya Hawke.

So hang on to your seats cause’ a lot of surprises from the gang and the Upside Down are surely coming our ways!