We know that Hollywood demands so much from its celebrities that sometimes it is almost unrealistic. It’s no wonder that celebrities take drastic measures in order to achieve the “standards”. Selena Gomez earlier this year spilled her secret on how she achieves glowing skin and a toned body. Apparently she has a sweat bed at home, that’s right, a sweat bed. If you have no clue as to how a sweat bed works, basically you are wrapped in a blanket like a burrito and you lay on a sweat bed for 55 minutes. The blanket and bed then heats up causing you to sweat heaps.

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Before purchasing her own, Selena actually used to go to Shape House to get her dose of “sweating”. Shape House delves on the scientific side of how the sweat beds are not dangerous and can help release toxins, “Our specially designed beds emit far-infrared energy waves at a level of 9.4 microns, which induce deep-penetration sweating. Far infrared is a form of natural light just beyond the visible spectrum, meaning that although you cannot see it, you can feel it in the form of radiant heat. Not to be confused with ultraviolet (UV) light, infrared energy is a safe, healthy therapy for all living things.” So it’s like sweating out the carbs without actually working out. Sounds like another hack for girls who just can’t be bothered to hit the gym!

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Watch the full video below to see how sweat beds work:

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