Bugs inside a beauty blender, allergic reaction to makeup, a disastrous buzzcut (albeit this one’s relatively less cringe-y than the aforementioned two), almost anything can hamper a woman’s journey towards beauty. But have you ever heard or experienced ripping out a whole bunch of your eyelashes? Well, this woman did and she lived to tell the excruciatingly painful story.


Everyone experiences an accidental eyelash tug here and there but that wasn’t the case for Reddit user Aub3912, who took to Reddit to share her horrifying “beauty” mishap.

“I really thought I ripped my eyelid in half” Redittor Aub3912 shared. “I sneezed while curling my eyelashes,” she added. Well ladies, it’s safe to say that this incident is the stuff of nightmares, don’t you think?


Fret not though, in the event of an eyelash accident like this one (or you know, just mother nature taking its toll on you), regular kitchen products like castor oil, olive oil, or cold-pressed coconut oil can help restore and fortify your lashes and yes, even your eyebrows. But if you’re looking to regrow or lengthen your lashes, a cosmetic-grade product like Latisse will help you achieve just that.

In conclusion, losing a handful of lashes may feel like armageddon but homemade remedies and a few chemical treatments are here to help you. But if you’re looking for a quick fix, falsies will do just the trick. *wink* (See what we did there?)

PHOTO CREDIT: instagram.com/waltergonzalezfotografia

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