Kids these days has the wildest imagination. They create their own world by just playing with their friends, playing with their dolls and even with their drawings. They create a world that has no limitations to beauty, color and gender. But now, they don’t need to wait for 20 more years to become a fashion designer. Picture Their Clothing can make their art works into real-life dresses.

This new company turns handmade drawings into beautiful dresses for adults and children.

For just $45, your kid’s drawing can be a real fashion clothing in less than three weeks. There are only three easy steps for this. First, you need to pick a dress size you want and then you will send your kid’s illustration to Picture This Clothing. After that, they will send you the dress in less than three weeks.

People loved this company’s concept on making kids imagination come to life. Children’s imagination are precious because they create a world without boundary and judgement. Now, kids can wear their imagination where ever they go.