This Company Can Let You Design Your Own Bag In 6 Billion Ways

We always have that own taste for what we purchase may it be online or in stores. We always have that, “I want that and just that!” kind of emotion every time we see items we like. But this is the amazing part, do you know that an Australian Company lets their customers design their own bag? They are called Mon Purse and they let people decide for over six billion combinations of bag.

The founder, Lana Hopkins shared that she realized that she always spends too many hours looking for the perfect bag. She wanted to solve her personal problem and had a vision to create an elegant state-of-the-art bag builder, and then follow it up with high-quality bespoke creations delivered to directly to customer’s doors.

Mon Purse use state-of-the-art 3D design tool that has more than six billion combinations to choose from. Now, anyone can create that leather bag of their dreams!

They can customize from the type of leather to use, color, finishes, hardware, interior and monogram and immediately see it through a 3D rendering.

With this kind of technology, fashionistas will definitely enjoy on designing whatever they wanted. The sky is the limit!

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