Ten to 20 years ago, hair bleaching was accepted when you wanted highlights like Kelly Clarkson or lowlights like Shakira, but fully bleached hair was almost unheard off for the non-celebrity market, especially in Southeast Asia. Come a new generation and almost new breed of hair trends, bleaching is just another process done in the salon that almost every girl in public has. But bleaching isn’t as simple as one would think, sure the process can be done in a day but the aftermath is what should really be thought of. If you have virgin hair or never-been-bleached hair, then here are the 10 truths you need to hear before opening the door of chemicals:

1. Bleach Will Really Dry Your Hair Out

This is one of the first things they’ll tell you at the salon, that’s why they repeatedly call bleaching your hair, frying your hair. When you bleach your hair, it undergoes oxidization and decolors the pigments of your hair. The end result strips your hair of the moisture and vitamins it has locked it. And to be quite frank, the life in your hair won’t fully return unless you decide to grow it out.

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