These Trendy Fanny Packs Are Giving Fashionistas “Beer Bellies”

It’s been a whirlwind of years, or centuries rather, since the common muffin top has been embraced by the public and media. Typically, women and men alike would dress around belly rolls to cover it up. However, London based designer Albert Pukies is giving the acceptance of the muffin top a whole new meaning. Outright promoting the “dad bod”, he’s created a line of fanny packs call The Dad Bag that look exactly like “beer bellies”. Funnily enough, once his iconic fanny packs are strapped on, thanks to its realistic design, any fashionista can convince anybody that they’ve got a beer belly to boast.

The designer explained that the reasoned he released and created such a line is because he’s always wanted to have a dad bod but is aware that achieving such physique can actually be unhealthy. So instead, he resorted to dad bod fanny packs. His collection is complete with six designs, namely The Allen, The Derek, The Magnus, The Bobby, The Wolfgang and The Sherman.

What are your thoughts on the instant dad bod fanny pack?

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