These Mental Health Hotlines And Support Groups Are Here To Listen To Your Struggles


The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed the lives of each individual. Activities that used to seem so simple such as going grocery shopping or visiting friends, is not something that can be done as easily. The pandemic has led several people to do most of their work and activities in the confines of their homes. Although staying at home may sound joyous to some, it can become taxing on others, especially on their mental health. These hotlines and internet support groups can help anyone and everyone who feels the need for some support and someone to talk to during these tough times.


National Center for Mental Health (NCMH)

This hotline was launched on May 2 as a way to assist with mental health struggles and concerns. The hotline assists with a wide range of callers, it assists with those struggling with depression, gender identity, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and many more.

• 0917-899- USAP (8727)
• 0917-989-USAP (8727)

Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF)

The foundation was founded in 2007 to promote the understanding that depression is a medical condition. Currently, Natasha Goulbourn Foundation has an assistance hotline that will connect callers to a qualified responder that can assist the caller with the established protocols.

• 211-4550
• 804-HOPE (4673)
• 0917-508-HOPE (4673)

InTouch Community Services

InTouch has a team composed of counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and coaches that specialize in various areas concerning mental health that assists anyone. InTouch offers counseling that can be booked a few days prior but they also have a crisis line that is free, anonymous, and open 24/7.

• (02) 8893 7603
• Globe 0917 800 1123
• Sun 0922 893 8944


Philippine Mental Health Association

The Philippine Mental Health Association offers free services to frontliners, COVID-19 patients, COVID-19 Survivors, or their family members. These services include Webinars on Mental health, counseling, psychiatric consultation, and group sessions. These services are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

• Globe 0936 034 4130 (also available on Viber)
• Email:
• Facebook: PMHA Community-Based Mental Health Program

Thomasian Mental Health Responders

These responders are led by the Association of Thomasian Psychology Alumni along with the Univerity of Santo Thomas Department of Psychology offers free psychosocial support.

They can be contacted via a client sign up sheet:

They can also be contacted via Viber or text: 0917 152 1817

Mindcare Club

Mindcare Club has a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors that use online video conferencing to provide their clients with assistance and relief. Mindcare Club is not for emergencies. Rather they offer counseling services that can be done consistently to help clients with their mental health struggles. They also offer corporate packages to provide companies and organizations with mental health counseling as well.

Counseling sessions with Mindcare Club range from Php800 – Php3000

An appointment with a Mindcare professional can be booked through their website.

This information should be shared to those who struggle with mental health, those who are feeling anxious regarding this pandemic, and to those who simply feel like they need some help. In the presence of this pandemic or not, solidarity is important and it can be shown by the care and concern we have for others as well as ourselves.