Since we were a kid, we always wanted to be like a princess. We used to watch Disney films about princesses and we’re actually fond of collecting merchandises with a picture of our favorite Disney character, may it be Belle, Snow White, or Ariel.

That feeling we get when the princess in the story ends up in a ‘happily ever after’ love story is probably the best feeling we felt during our younger years.

We all wished to have a Disney-like love story. A romantic story from being a nobody to a princess because of being married to a prince. Everyone wanted it for sure. And with these Disney-inspired engagement rings, it’s already possible!

An engagement ring is a symbol of love, faithfulness, and devotion to your partner – a perfect representation of any good Disney story. You might not be getting married in a castle, but you can still have that Disney magic in your wedding day with these engagement rings inspired from Disney.

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1. Merida (Brave)

Posted by Rosa Pastel on Monday, May 22, 2017

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