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For National Lipstick Day, it goes without saying that cosmetic brands will bring their A-game in promoting their respective lipstick lines. While makeup giant MAC chose the all-out giveaway route, budget-friendly faves L’Oreal and Maybelline settled for the buy-one-get-one promos. But what really came through and made a mark last Saturday was e-retailer Ali Express and their new concoction: dick lipsticks. Yep, you read that right, pucker paints in the form of the male reproductive organ.

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The description of the said product reads: “8 Colors Penis Shape Mushroom Long Lasting Moisture Cosmetic Lipstick Lips Makeup Lipstick”. Quite a mouthful, eh?

One tube of the phallic makeup costs $1.40 USD or around 70 pesos. It may or may not be able to cover your puckers for a whole day but come on, who wouldn’t want to snag such a cutesy (debatable) novelty?

Many Instagram users are amused and baffled about the product which they aptly dubbed the Dickstick, with some questioning its supposed long-wear feature and others are, well, just relishing its novelty. But whether or not the phallic lipstick lives up to its promise of a long-lasting coverage is out of the question, what’s important is that the product sure made a mark in the makeup industry (and meme pages!).


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