Irrefutable fact: the Philippines is a celebrity-obsessed country. Every whim, every sneeze of any television icon can set the internet abuzz. So when celebrities decide to tie the knot, their wedding vows—doesn’t matter if they’re stellar or poorly-constructed—will surely have their share of the limelight. For this, we’ve rounded up ten of the most iconic and awe-inducing celebrity wedding vows that’ll surely make you feel envious.

1. Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro

Pop culture references, unclichéd tropes, and a penchant for breaking traditions—millennials surely know how to have fun, even on their wedding day!

Jim and Saab {to infinity and beyond} from Notion in Motion on Vimeo.

“You are a rare breed of Pokemon and I caught you right when you evolved into your final form… Every day I’m thankful that we fell in love at the right time. Three years ago, I danced with you once upon a dream. Now I dance with you every night. And today I’m marrying my dream. Tonight, I’m finally gonna get to dance with my husband. I love you so much.” – Saab