If you thought your highlighter is blinding, think again. There’s a new way to apply highlighter that will call out all possible forms of aliens in the universe back down to earth.

The “flare highlight” technique was introduced to Instagram–just as how most beauty techniques are birthed–by a makeup fanatic that goes by the handle, @thestudyofmakeup.

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Her highlights were so intense it prompted fashion magazine Allure to ask her how she does it. Apparently, there’s a trick the beauty influencer uses for the right intensity. With a strong highlighter and a dense compact wet eyeshadow brush, she is able to give the illusion of an over-the-top highlight game. Her favorite highlighter you ask? The Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Highlighter.

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Looks like this new technique may just change the entire highlight game. Just be careful who you blind with that glow.

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