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Seafood is usually served in fancy restaurants or busy buffets but seldom do you hear a seafood-in-a-bucket concept in the Philippines. But pay a visit to Prawn Star at The Yard Xavierville and you’ll experience seafood in a whole new way. With gloves and buckets at hand, the first thing diners notice may not necessarily be the bucket concept but the kinky menu. Their menu’s got some interesting food listings! You can choose from their flavors such as sexy and hottie (cajun) which by the way is imported, G-Spot (Garlic Butter) or Sweet Bombshell (Sweet Chili). Their metric of spiciness is based on the most witty concept of rating it from PG to XXX.

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Monica and Tara of Prawn Star shares that the concept was inspired by Boiling Crab in the US. They first attempted playing with a seafood cuisine in their catering business but recently decided to venture in a full-blown food-stop when The Yard opened. It’s definitely their bucket concept that has attracted many to try out their dishes, with a mixture of clams, crabs, mussels and corn in one order. But it’s their sauces that makes the diners returning for more. Their sauces are based on butter which they mix with certain flavorings and powder to produce the perfect blend. Once the seafood are well-soaked, you can taste the richness of the sauce even on the first bite! You’ll be surprised too because one bucket is actually good for more than one person and can make even a group of three full. But just in case you’re extra hungry, you can always order additional sausages, corn potatoes or even sauce. But don’t let us do all the talking, try out their dishes for your seafood cravings! Visit Prawn Star at 2/F, The Yard, Xavierville, Quezon City.



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