The Toyota Vios 2021 Is Now In The Philippines


The Toyota Vios, a car you see anytime you’re on the road now has an improved version for the year.

The 2020 Toyota Vios offers 14 variants to choose from. Some of it are almost identical to the other but what sets it apart are the number of airbags and the colors.

On its website, Toyota shared that the exterior of the Vios has leveled up with a design that will be swift for the streets.

The interior also got an upgrade and now has a multi-information display, which makes it easier to monitor phone calls, music and most especially, navigation apps.

The interior remains simple, modern and comfortable for passengers and drivers.

Meanwhile, the engine of the sedan stays with the variations of its HP ranging from 98HP to 106HP.

The changes are not so drastic, but it remains a comfortable yet simple vehicle. Avid fans of the Vios cars will surely be satisfied with the latest additions.

Starting at P631,000, the Vios Base MT variant is the least costly option in the collection. Whereas the pricier model from the 2020 Vios line is the Vios GCVT Variant in the color White Pearl, which retails at P1,071,000.

• Toyota Vios Base MT – P671,000
• Toyota Vios (seven airbags) – P681,000
• Toyota Vios J MT – P697,000
• Toyota Vios J MT (seven airbags) – P707,000
• Toyota Vios XE CVT – P747,000
• Toyota Vios XE CVT (seven airbags) – P753,000
• Toyota Vios XLE MT – P791,000
• Toyota Vios XLE CVT – P841,000
• Toyota Vios E MT – P841,000
• Toyota Vios E CVT – P891,000
• Toyota Vios G MT – P997,000
• Toyota Vios G MT (White Pearl) – P1,012,000
• Toyota Vios G CVT – P1,056,000
• Toyota Vios G CVT (White Pearl) – P1,071,000

The Toyota Vios 2021 will be launched on August 2020 in the Philippines.

Photo Credit: Toyota Motors Philippines