Last Friday (June 21st), the BT21 X Uniqlo t-shirt collaboration was finally released here in the Philippines. The collection is made available to all Uniqlo stores nationwide and, according to Uniqlo Philippines’ Official Facebook, the rule of purchase is that a buyer may only get one piece per color and pattern. Each shirt is also priced at P590.

For every BT21 character, there is at least one corresponding tee for it and the entire collection sports multiple colors from black, pink, blue and many more. It is even said that the boys helped co-design these shirts further showcasing their passionate collaborative spirit and love for their ARMYs.

Some of the shirts designs for the collection. Here (from L-R) we have a shirt featuring all 8 characters then Cooky, Mang and Koya.

To those who don’t know, BT21 are the characters designed and characterized by South Korean super group BTS themselves in their own collaboration with Line Friends which are the characters/stickers made available for use in the popular messenger app Line. These cute gender-neutral characters made their debut back in late 2017 and have since grown into being incorporated into all sorts of Line merchandise as well as these merch being available for purchase in Line’s stores located in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States.

Apart from Line, BT21 has also branched into having collaborations with brands like Mediheal, Dunkin Donuts, Converse, Facebook Messenger and South Korea’s very own Incheon Airport just to name a few. A game app called “Puzzle Star BT21” can also be downloaded both on iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing manufacturer which was founded way back in 1949 in Yamaguchi, Japan. It has since expanded into already having close to 2,000 stores all over the world.

A white version of the all-8 featured characters BT21 shirt.

Personally, upon visiting one of Uniqlo’s branches in Makati during my spare time that very Friday it was released, I was quite surprised at the fact that I didn’t find myself combating with other fans just to get my hands on at least one shirt of my liking (which, let’s face it, to any ARMY all 12 shirts are to our liking). But anyways, I was quickly able to get a hold of and purchase what I wanted all in under 5 minutes! I know, shocker right? Although obviously I can’t speak for what went on in the other branches or what occurred in the very branch I went to later on during the day especially since I went at noon.

Nonetheless, once I went inside the store in search for the much-awaited collection, it wasn’t hard to spot at all given that it was the one that was already surrounded by a small group of people that time. To any BTS fan, it truly is like being a moth drawn to a light bulb.

Other designs. Here (from L-R) we have the characters of Chimmy, Shooky, Tata and RJ.

So ARMYs, have you gotten your shirts yet?

Photo Credits: @uniqlo