Another selfless inspirational story has captured the hearts of the Filipinos on social media.

Teachers are always dubbed as “cape-less” heroes who always save us from great distress whether intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. Teachers are great mentors, advisers, secondary parents, and even preachers, you-name-it. They continue to inspire and motivate us to work towards our goals until we hit our desired target with a bull’s eye.


Reading inspirational stories is nothing new to the Filipino netizens all around the country. With the amount of terrible news present everywhere, reading a hopeful story like Ms. Virgita Diaz’s is a step forward towards the “restoration” of the “faith in humanity,” as most millenials would like to say.

Ms. Virgita Diaz, or as her students call her, Ma’am Diaz, is an elementary teacher from Kiblat Elementary School in Malungon, Sarangani. In a post from Cris Cordero, the teacher can be seen buying 15 sets of graduation togas worth PhP8,577 to provide for her students who cannot afford to purchase one.

Photo: Courtesy of Cris Cordero

On the same post, Cordero narrated how he asked Ma’am Diaz about the parents of the students who were supposed to buy their children’s togas, to which Ma’am Diaz responded, “Sa hirap ng buhay doon minsan nga ako pa nagpapakain, pabilhin mo pa [ba] ng toga?”

[“With life’s hardships, sometimes I’m the one providing my students’ food, (pertaining to the parents) would you still let them buy toga?”]

Photo: Courtesy of Cris Cordero

After the post went viral, Ms. Virgita Diaz received quite a lot of positive comments which consists of praises which is directed at her and teachers like her.

Reading, and then sharing the story while on a PTA meeting, Facebook user Sean Guinoo wrote, “Pano magpigil ng luha habang nasa PTA Meeting haha. Saludo para sayo, ma’am.”

[“How do you stop a tear from falling while (you’re) on a PTA meeting haha. Salute to you, ma’am.”]

Pano magpigil ng luha habang nasa PTA Meeting haha. Saludo para sayo, ma'am. This is one of those things many people do…

Posted by Sean Guinoo on Friday, March 29, 2019

If you were Ma’am Diaz, would you do the same thing for your students?