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Everyone is entitled to a private life, especially when it comes to having a relationship with someone. Maybe that’s why 27-year old singer Taylor Swift is determined to keep it quiet this time. After her not-so-long relationship with 36-year old actor Tom Hiddleston, there hasn’t been much about Taylor Swift aside from short appearances in public events and very rare social media posts.

But recently, rumors have been spreading that the “Bad Blood” singer now has a new boyfriend and they’re determined to keep it on the down-low. Rumors said that the reason why Swift and Hiddleston broke up is that Swift wanted their relationship to be low-profile, while Hiddleston wanted the opposite.

But it seems like Swift won’thave any problems keeping it low-key this time with her rumored new boyfriend Joe Alwyn, as the actor has been out of the spotlight for some time now. Joe Alwyn is a British actor who starred in ‘Long Halftime Walk’ alongside Kristen Stewart, and will soon co-star in ‘The Favorite’ with Emma Stone.

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But as much as many of Swift’s fans upgrade their stalker skills, there isn’t much to stalk as the actor reportedly has no official and personal social media accounts.

Swift and Alwyn have reportedly been dating for a couple of months now and they were last seen in London walking around while Taylor disguised herself with wigs, hats, and sunglasses. According to reports online, their relationship is the most serious Taylor has ever had and they plan to keep it low key.

Meanwhile, Joe, has remained mum about the rumors and has been focusing on building up his career. Taylor, on the other hand, has also remained quiet about the issue and has yet to confirm any of the speculations.

Some of the celebrities Taylor has dated includes Brit DJ Calvin Harris and former One Direction member, Harry Styles.

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