As the Capricorn season takes its seat on December 22, the energy adapts the major traits of those who were born under this sign– goal-oriented, hardworking, and determined. With Saturn, father of many gods in Roman mythology, as their planet, Capricorns will also desire to be on top and are very much willing to work for it. And with Earth as its element, people will be provided with dedicated energy to solidify plans that they want to accomplish.

For the fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, watch out for the business energy that this season radiates. Focus on your career this season, Aries people! Also watch out for more work-related relationships that may be formed as Capricorn activates the zone related to work and obligations.

For Leos, prepare yourselves to get your booty working long hours. After shining during the Sagittarius season, Sag people should now get serious and apply what they have learned during this Capricorn seasons.

As for the sisters of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, the signs should watch out for exciting adventures this season. It is not too late to travel, Taurus friends! With it also comes more workload but worry no more because you mirror the determined energy of this season. Since this is the most exciting season in your horoscope, don’t be frightened to let down your hair and enjoy it.

This season demands for the air signs to get serious with things. Gemini, Capricorn season activates anything related to secrets and transformation through struggles with the heavy aspects of your life.

Do not be anxious, Libra people, for this season puts light on your domestic affair and family relationships. It’s de-cluttering time for people born under the Aquarius season. Treasure the alone time this season provides you.

For water signs like Cancer, this may be a great time to focus on your one-to-one relationships. On the other hand, energy to work long hours and the capability to be productive will be distributed to the Scorpios.

People of the Pisces season, brace yourselves for new connections that you will make this season which will bring you lessons for the future.