To complement the voice actors playing the titular roles in Warner Bros. Animation’s “Teen Titans GO! To The Movies,” the filmmakers cast a roster of voice artists for the supporting characters, including Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson, Will Arnett as Slade, Nicolas Cage as Superman, Halsey as Wonder Woman and Jimmy Kimmel as Batman.

“Casting the film was really fun,” producer Peggy Regan recalls. “We got some amazing talent to come in even for the briefest roles, and I’m excited for the fans to see whose voices they recognize.”


Kristen Bell

Hollywood director Jade Wilson has made a major motion picture about every superhero on the planet, and is even dipping into their gadgets, but she draws the line at…sidekicks. “I’m afraid it’s no,” she tells Robin when he pleads for his own feature film.

Kristen Bell voices the pragmatic filmmaker who undoubtedly has her bottom line in mind. “She understands that size matters,” quips Bell. “In terms of a superhero film, bigger is better. The screen is huge, you want to fill it, but you do have to rely on having an emotional story to make it work. To her, the Teen Titans have dreams of being actual superheroes, but they’re not quite cutting it. They’re a ragtag group of misfits. She just doesn’t view Robin, or his friends, as that compelling.”

Will Arnett

A recurring villain in the canon—arguably the Titans’ greatest foe—Slade is a serious bad guy and a master of mayhem, which the filmmakers knew would make for a real battle and a great choice for the film.

In a twist that would ruffle even Alfred’s feather duster, the nefarious Slade is voiced in the movie by none other than LEGO® Batman himself, Will Arnett.

Arnett, who also produced the film, is a huge fan. “My kids watch the series and I would hear it playing in the background,” he says. “Most of the time when I hear shows that my kids are watching, I want to smash the TV, but with ‘Teen Titans GO!’ I’d hear jokes or songs and they were so good. I reached out to the writers and we got to talking about the idea of making it into a movie. Don’t tell them I said this, but the more I get to know those guys, the more impressed I am.”

“Slade’s ultimate goal is to dominate the entire planet via mind manipulation,” Arnett explains.

Naturally, the Teens play right into Slade’s hands. After all, they need an adversary, and he needs the most gullible, easily distractible, completely adorable yet seemingly dispensable supers in the universe to unwittingly do his bidding. So…win-win?