Spider-Man & MCU fans all over the interweb are grieving over the news that broke out that Sony and Marvel did not come to an agreement regarding the direction of the final installment of the franchise. The newest Spider-Man film, Far From Home, already grossed over $1 billion worldwide in the two months it’s been in cinemas and has become one of Sony’s biggest hits.

Erik Davis, the managing editor of Fandango.com has some sentiments regarding Sony’s decision. “Sony is saying, ‘Look, we can’t give you half of our most successful franchise’. They’re probably feeling like, with Venom grossing over $800 million and Spider-Verse winning an Oscar, they feel pretty confident that they could push that. They don’t need necessarily the help of Marvel Studios any longer.”

But some of MCU’s most avid fans are concerned about the change in cinematic direction if Spider-Man were really to stay solely with Sony. Even Tom Holland fans are rallying online, unable to foresee what Spider-Man’s future will be. Complex posted, “Thousands of fans plan to storm Sony Studios to being #SpiderMan back to the #MCU…”

While we’re all sad about this recent development, we’re also keen to find out if the next Spider-Man film (if there is one) will be any good. And if not, well, we’ll all be seriously upset.