We all know actress and model Solenn Heussaff as a health junkie and a sporty woman. But what people do not know about her is her care towards the environment. She showed her concern via Twitter on the growing number of trash on the streets.

She tweeted yesterday reminding her followers to teach the people around them to properly dispose their garbage.

She wrote, “Guys, im seeing more and more trash on the streets. Please teach the people arround you to dispose properly and to stop distroying our country. It is so sad that something so simple is so hard for some people to do.”

She followed this with a tweet about telling people that it is all for the future generation that will be living in this very same world.

She tweeted, “Create hope for the future generation. You dont need to be an expery to help. Educate the people around you. People need to seriously wake up!”

Here are some of the replies that Solenn got from her wise tweet.

Thank you Solenn for raising this important matter!